Top Leading Eco-Tourism Companies for Sustainable Adventures

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Exploring the world offers a remarkable opportunity to broaden your horizons and immerse yourself in diverse cultures. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that conventional travel practices often come at an environmental cost, and the process of identifying sustainable alternatives can be time-consuming.

Enter ethical travel companies, dedicated to simplifying your eco-conscious travel choices. They diligently curate eco-friendly transportation, lodging, and activities, streamlining the planning process for you. With these conscientious travel partners, all you need to do is select your desired destination and make your reservations.

Eco tourism companies provide a spectrum of options, catering to various preferences. From comprehensive guided tours that prioritize sustainability every step of the way to user-friendly booking platforms that offer pre-screened companies and eco-friendly activities, you can now accumulate sustainable travel experiences, regardless of your travel style.

1. Holiable

Crafted with affection in France, Holiable stands as an eco-tourism venture committed to aiding you in discovering sustainable lodgings, dining establishments, and activities at your chosen destination.

Each offered experience is accompanied by a comprehensive list of eco-conscious attributes, encompassing elements such as environmentally responsible transportation, sustainable gastronomy, ethical and eco-friendly product usage, conscientious resource management, cultural heritage preservation, and efficient waste handling.

For those experiences personally vetted by Holiable’s dedicated staff, meticulous evaluation is undertaken, considering factors like a steadfast dedication to cultural authenticity, adherence to eco-friendly principles, and ethical business practices.

While Holiable boasts an extensive array of accommodations across Europe, they also extend their offerings to diverse locales, including Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

As an eco tour agency, Holiable proudly aligns itself with Acteurs du Tourisme Durable, a French association dedicated to fostering sustainable tourism practices. Environmental preservation occupies a central position within Holiable’s core values, with their steadfast advocacy for eco-conscious and socially responsible tourism evident in every facet of their operations.

2. Rooms For Change

Rooms for Change doesn’t operate as an eco-tourism provider; instead, it serves as a non-profit platform for booking accommodations. All of its earnings are channeled into travel scholarships, offering underprivileged youth, senior citizens, and veterans the opportunity to explore the world.

Their network of third-party accommodation partners spans from eco-conscious hotels to vacation home rentals, ensuring suitable options for stays of any duration.

Whether you’re envisioning an eco-conscious getaway in the United States, Europe, Canada, Latin America, Mexico, the Middle East, Asia, or the South Pacific, Rooms for Change has sustainable lodging choices available to facilitate your travel plans.

Rooms for Change’s non-profit status guarantees that every dollar generated through their operations and donations contributes directly to their primary mission: funding travel scholarships. They strive to sponsor as many journeys as possible, with allocations guided by budget and availability. If you know someone deserving of a travel scholarship, you can nominate them via Rooms for Change’s website, furthering their commitment to making travel accessible to those in need.

3. Bookdifferent

Bookdifferent, a sustainability-focused accommodation booking platform, takes eco-consciousness to heart. Their extensive global database features eco-friendly lodgings that have successfully passed their rigorous assessments.

Their evaluation process thoroughly scrutinizes each listed accommodation’s sustainability practices, legal compliance, equitable treatment of employees, respect for local cultures and traditions, and commitment to environmental preservation. Accommodations that excel in all these areas are awarded the coveted four green hearts, signifying the highest level of sustainability.

With thousands of diverse accommodation options scattered across the world, bookdifferent empowers you to explore the globe while making eco-friendly choices.

Bookdifferent demonstrates its dedication to sustainability by endorsing the International Tourism Plastic Pledge, underscoring their resolve to combat plastic pollution within the travel sector. Additionally, they’ve forged a partnership with Clean the World to spotlight hotels that actively reduce plastic waste, allowing users to filter their search based on this criterion.

Beyond this, bookdifferent equips travelers with valuable resources, including sustainable destination insights, travel tips, and business-focused tools to foster sustainable business travel practices. Their commitment to sustainable travel extends far beyond booking accommodations, fostering a holistic approach to responsible tourism.

4. Fairbnb.Coop

In a deliberate departure from the AirBnB model, offers a similar platform connecting guests with hosts, but it comes with a distinct ethical twist. While the pricing remains comparable to that of AirBnB, what sets apart is that a substantial 50% of their commission is channeled directly into social initiatives within the host’s local communities.

Becoming a host on is both cost-free and consumer-friendly, maintaining the same financial commitment while delivering a significantly greater social impact compared to using other similar rental services. Currently available in Europe and the UK, the availability of Fairbnb accommodations depends on host interest and participation, promising the potential for new Fairbnb listings in your area soon. Canada is also on the horizon as the system expands in the near future. operates on a cooperative business model, with distinct nodes aggregating stays within specific geographic regions. Co-op members wield decision-making power, shaping how their node operates and integrates sustainable tourism practices into their local community.

The community projects sponsored by, funded through their commission fees, align with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. These initiatives address critical global issues such as sustainable food systems and accessibility, gender equality, clean energy adoption, and the development of sustainable communities. By directing their resources towards these endeavors, actively contributes to creating a more equitable and sustainable world.

5. Earth Changers

Teaming up with eco-conscious tour operators and accommodations across the globe, Earth Changers stands as an eco-travel enterprise dedicated to upholding their core principles of adventure and genuine connections with unwavering integrity.

Primarily functioning as a booking platform, Earth Changers serves as a repository of thoughtfully curated and meticulously vetted experiences and accommodations, all geared towards providing you with the most sustainable options for your travel journey.

Perhaps you’re in search of eco-tour companies in the Galapagos Islands? Well, that’s just the beginning of the myriad destinations Earth Changers opens up for your exploration. Their offerings extend to various corners of Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America, and even invite you to embark on thrilling sailing adventures.

Earth Changers exhibits an unwavering commitment to combat climate change by actively reducing and minimizing their carbon footprint right from the outset. Furthermore, many of their partnering entities are deeply engaged in tackling waste and pollution within their communities, harnessing innovative approaches to curbing consumption and environmental harm. Consequently, you might encounter specific requirements during your stay, such as the use of natural, eco-friendly toiletries, all in the spirit of fostering a more sustainable and responsible travel experience.

6. Earthwatch

If you’re on the lookout for ecotourism and environmental education specialists, keep a close eye on Earthwatch.

This nonprofit organization is a staunch supporter of scientific research and serves as a conduit connecting travelers with environmental scientists, allowing them to participate in fieldwork across 40 available research expeditions.

Whether your passion lies in ocean health, wildlife and ecosystems, climate change, or archaeology, Earthwatch offers science-focused adventures catering to diverse interests and activity levels. Their ecotourism endeavors span across continents, encompassing Australia, Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

Earthwatch’s scientific research has wielded significant influence in shaping legislation and environmental initiatives worldwide, serving as a valuable resource for organizations seeking to adopt sustainable practices informed by their research findings.

Furthermore, Earthwatch collaborates with entities like Girls in Science and various organizations to provide students with hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) learning opportunities in real-world field settings, demonstrating their commitment to fostering education and environmental stewardship.

7. Natural Habitat Adventures

Specializing in thrilling and sustainable nature experiences, Natural Habitat Adventures is dedicated to the mission of conservation through exploration.

They proudly stand as the conservation travel partner of the World Wildlife Fund, ensuring that your tourism expenditures directly contribute to environmental preservation and development.

With a focus on intimate group sizes and distinctive itineraries, their guided journeys transport you to breathtaking destinations, including but not limited to U.S. national parks—a perfect option for eco-conscious U.S. residents seeking accessible eco vacations—alongside captivating locales like Antarctica.

Natural Habitat Adventures places environmental conservation at the very heart of their enterprise. Whether they’re engaging in conservation initiatives like promoting plastic-free travel or introducing pioneering eco-camping experiences in Yellowstone, they take concrete steps towards sustainability.

Their dedication extends beyond the travel experience, with efforts to reduce waste in their Colorado office. They provide TerraCycle receptacles on-site for employees and offer zero-waste products throughout their facilities.

Furthermore, since 2007, they have maintained a carbon-neutral status by actively offsetting their carbon dioxide emissions, underscoring their commitment to mitigating their environmental footprint.

8. G Adventures

G Adventures, a provider of adventure tours led by seasoned locals, champions the cause of community tourism to create a positive impact.

Their commitment revolves around three core principles: animal welfare, child welfare, and the well-being of local and indigenous communities. G Adventures firmly believes that community tourism not only sustains the planet but also offers an enjoyable experience for individuals seeking eco-friendly travel options.

To ensure transparency and accountability, each local tour operator receives a Ripple Score, which signifies the proportion of tour earnings that remain within the local community.

With G Adventures, you can embark on eco-tourism adventures on every continent, ensuring you’ll find an eco-tourism guide no matter where your wanderlust takes you.

In a strategic partnership with Travel Without Plastic, G Adventures diligently assesses their operations to curtail single-use plastic usage across their tours, offices, and events, demonstrating their commitment to environmental stewardship.

Their non-profit collaborator, Planeterra, is dedicated to empowering local communities and leveraging the positive impacts of tourism, aligning seamlessly with G Adventures’ unwavering focus on community tourism and eco-friendly travel practices.

9. Seacology

For those seeking environmentally conscious adventures, Seacology, a nonprofit environmental organization, presents a series of expeditions that delve into the exploration of islands worldwide.

Seacology’s core mission centers around safeguarding fragile island ecosystems across the globe, fostering direct collaboration with local communities to preserve these habitats and enrich their indigenous cultures.

Their eco-tourism program serves a dual purpose: granting individuals the opportunity to discover remote and often elusive island destinations while offering an up-close view of Seacology’s conservation efforts and the positive transformations they bring to these locations.

Each expedition leads participants to various environmental projects supported by Seacology, with options subject to availability. To find the perfect adventure for you, visit their website for upcoming opportunities.

While Seacology primarily focuses on island habitats, they also extend their protective efforts to other critical ecosystems such as mangroves, peatlands, and seagrass. These ecosystems not only play a crucial role in capturing substantial amounts of carbon but are also susceptible to development-driven threats.

As part of their environmental initiatives, Seacology empowers local communities to take charge of preserving their own ecosystems. Furthermore, they annually present an award to an islander recognized for their significant contributions to conserving local environments and cultures, furthering their commitment to nurturing sustainable practices and honoring those who champion these causes.

10. Intrepid Travel

Intrepid Travel serves as your gateway to exploration across the entire world, encompassing all seven continents, even venturing into Antarctica. This purpose-driven adventure travel company specializes in crafting exhilarating travel experiences across the globe, ones that prioritize eco-friendliness and cultural sensitivity.

In addition to their adventures, Intrepid Travel collaborates with academic researchers to undertake community-based tourism research projects in South America and Asia, contributing to the advancement of sustainable travel practices.

Intrepid Travel’s experiences are thoughtfully tailored to align with your preferences and interests, all while supporting communities engaged in climate change and social justice initiatives.

When it comes to certified ecotourism, Intrepid Travel stands as an exemplar. They proudly hold the Certified B Corp designation and adhere to the UN Global Compact, a framework aimed at aligning companies with human rights and environmental preservation standards.

Renowned as one of the premier ecotourism companies in Australia, Intrepid Travel has instituted a Reconciliation Action Plan, demonstrating their firm commitment to reconciliation with Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islanders, both as a business and as global citizens.

A woman sits on a mountain meadow, holding a thermos, with majestic mountains and a blue sky in the background.

11. Gondwana Ecotours

With a specialization in private tours and intimate small group excursions, Gondwana Ecotours stands as a staunch advocate for environmentally responsible travel across all their adventures.

At the heart of eco-travel lies the imperative to preserve ecosystems for future generations. To fulfill this commitment, Gondwana Ecotours enlists local guides who possess an intimate knowledge of their environments and share a deep dedication to conserving them for the betterment of their communities.

Currently, this sustainable travel agency offers an array of trips in captivating destinations, including Alaska, Argentina, Costa Rica, Rwanda, Louisiana, and Tanzania.

Gondwana’s commitment to the regions they explore extends beyond their tours. Each year, they allocate a portion of their profits to support local nonprofits situated in the very locations where they organize their tours, reinforcing their dedication to community well-being.

Furthermore, Gondwana Ecotours has proudly achieved carbon-neutral certification for all their tours since 2021, solidifying their resolve to reduce their carbon footprint. Additionally, they are active members of the International Ecotourism Society, further affirming their commitment to advancing responsible and sustainable travel practices.

12. Byway

Byway, one of the foremost sustainable travel companies for UK residents, offers a unique flight-free travel booking service that relies on trains to transport you to a plethora of European destinations, including Morocco. No air travel required.

Functioning akin to a travel agent, Byway assists in crafting the ideal sustainable journey tailored to your preferences and requirements. You have the option to either customize your own itinerary or choose from their expertly curated, best-selling trips. Each booking encompasses transportation and accommodations, and should you require assistance during your journey, Byway’s eco-travel agents are at your service at any time.

Byway proudly holds the Certified B Corp designation, emphasizing their commitment to responsible and sustainable business practices. They consistently release impact reports detailing their progress toward their sustainability objectives.

Furthermore, Byway actively promotes substantial reductions in carbon emissions through their flight-free approach, which can slash carbon footprints by as much as 90% compared to air travel, showcasing their dedication to mitigating environmental impacts and fostering eco-conscious travel.

13. Responsible Travel

Pioneering the path towards more responsible and sustainable travel practices, Responsible Travel is a progressive travel company committed to researching and mitigating travel’s carbon footprints while championing transformative change.

Each travel experience and tour operator featured in their portfolio undergoes thorough scrutiny, meticulously assessed against Responsible Travel’s stringent sustainability criteria. This ensures that every trip offered meets the highest environmental and ethical standards.

Moreover, Responsible Travel offers specially curated journeys designed to be inclusive and accessible to individuals with disabilities, promoting travel experiences that cater to a diverse range of travelers.

Responsible Travel contributes an average of 1% of their sales to their “Trip for a Trip” program, which empowers underprivileged children and youths by facilitating impactful day trips—an initiative that resonates deeply with their commitment to positive social change.

In addition, Responsible Travel actively advocates for reducing air travel’s environmental impact, recognizing the significant carbon footprint associated with flying. Through these efforts, they strive to inspire a shift towards more sustainable modes of travel, fostering a brighter future for the planet.

The Impact of Tourism on Our Planet

Did you know that travel and tourism contribute to approximately 8% to 11% of the world’s total carbon footprint, with aviation accounting for a staggering 17% of that figure?

However, it’s not just the environmental aspect we should be concerned about; careless and profit-centric tourism practices can also inflict significant social, economic, and cultural damage on local communities.

Before you contemplate never venturing beyond your front door again, take heart in the fact that there are more responsible ways to explore the world. You can start by adopting zero waste travel tips and opting for sustainable brands, both for the eco-friendly travel products you pack and the companies you choose to book your trips through.

Sustainable travel companies prioritize essential factors like environmental conservation, carbon reduction, cultural preservation, and social responsibility. This means that your tourism dollars are actively contributing to environmental impact and fostering positive economic and social change in local communities.

Furthermore, these eco travel agencies prioritize animal welfare, a crucial consideration when selecting travel experiences that involve animals.

Whether you’re yearning for outdoor adventures or seeking urban eco-luxury holidays, sustainable travel companies are here to guide you toward the most eco-conscious options for your journey.

How to  Find Top Sustainable Travel Agencies

What does an eco-tourism agency entail? As we embarked on the journey to identify leading eco-conscious travel agencies, our compass pointed towards sustainable tourism.

To truly champion green travel, we honed in on these eco-tourism agency benchmarks:

  • Destination Choices: Travel, by nature, is about exploring new terrains. But where to? For sustainable travel agencies, the destination itself is less critical than ensuring that visits don’t negatively impact local environments and traditions. However, we did seek agencies offering a plethora of options for travelers;
  • Boosting Local Economies: The tourism industry can sometimes divert funds away from local communities, directing them towards large conglomerates with no local roots. Therefore, our spotlight was on agencies that bolster local economies, ensuring resources are retained and enhanced at the grassroots level;
  • Protecting Animal Rights: The dark underbelly of travel often reveals instances of animal mistreatment (e.g., African elephant rides). Thus, it’s paramount for eco-tourism agencies to prioritize the well-being of animals;
  • Carbon-Neutral Initiatives & Sustainable Practices: While all our benchmarks matter, this one sits at the heart of sustainable travel. Given the hefty carbon footprint of the travel sector, it’s essential for agencies to commit to shrinking their environmental impact. Merely offsetting isn’t enough; the leading agencies are actively curtailing carbon emissions by reducing single-use plastics, harnessing renewable energy, and curtailing air travel;
  • Upholding Cultural Values: The shadow of mainstream tourism often obscures human rights breaches and cultural insensitivity. A responsible travel agency prioritizes the preservation of cultural sanctity, collaborating with local communities to mutually enrich the environment;
  • Philanthropy & Partnerships: It’s commendable when eco-tourism agencies support local non-profits in areas they serve. Moreover, alliances with entities championing conservation and uplifting the underserved are indicative of an agency’s broader commitment to global welfare.


In conclusion, sustainable tourism companies are not only reshaping the way we explore the world but also redefining the travel industry’s impact on the environment and local communities. By prioritizing sustainability, environmental conservation, carbon reduction, cultural preservation, and social responsibility, these companies are harnessing the power of tourism dollars to effect positive change. From zero waste travel tips to eco-friendly product choices, they are guiding travelers toward more responsible and eco-conscious journeys. Whether you seek outdoor adventures or urban eco-luxury experiences, the rise of sustainable travel companies offers a promising path toward exploring the world while minimizing our carbon footprint and fostering positive economic and social transformations for both travelers and the destinations they visit.

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